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Hip Surgery


Hip pain can occur from a variety of conditions. Many can be treated without an operation, however some may require surgery. An accurate history and examination will help determine which patients may benefit from further treatment. Dr Maine may require you to have some investigations such as X rays or an MRI scan to assist in your diagnosis. Dr Maine does not perform hip arthroscopy and may choose to refer you on to a colleague for further management if she feels this would be the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

Hip Arthritis and Total Hip Replacement

When the hip joint cartilage wears away, the normal ball and socket joint becomes roughened and stiff. This can be extremely painful and can severely limit a patient’s function.

Symptoms include groin pain and stiffness which usually results in difficulty walking for long distances and difficulty with stairs.

Dr Maine will have a good discussion regarding your pain and the expectations of your hip. She would usually request specific X rays of the to further assess the damage to your hip. If appropriate for you, a Total Hip Replacement may be offered as a treatment option. Hip replacement or “arthroplasty” involves removing the damaged bone and replacing it with metal components that are separated by a plastic (polyethylene) insert. The operation carries significant risks that should be carefully considered by every patient who is offered the procedure.

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